Apple Mail Print Email to PDF on Windows 10 Step by Step Procedure

apple-mail-to-pdfAs we know that Apple Mail is supported by Mac OS but there are thousand of users are who are using Windows latest OS edition 10 and Mac OS too. Sometimes, Mac users face requirement to Apple Mail print email to PDF on Windows 10. Then at this time they want exact solution because this task becomes very confusing due to the individual OS. If you are really in need to print .mbox files from Apple Mail to PDF in Windows 10 OS then read this article that will help you to assist for printing Apple Mail emails into PDF Adobe Reader. Before getting solutions of Mac Mail to PDF conversion, explore some knowledge about PDF & Apple/Mac Mail briefly.

Tips about Apple Mail & PDF

Nowadays, Apple Mail has been actually the standard for mail clients for OS X. Since then, multiple mail clients of Mac OS have come & gone but Apple Mail remains to share & manage data. It is also called Mac Mail with plenty of options & features. Basically it is the default mail client of Mac OS to send, receive data and today it has been most popular among users. It supports MBOX file format and also provide the option to export MBOX files from it. Therefore, to make very simple conversion of Mac Mail to PDF, firstly export MBOX Files from Apple Mail Mac OS X by the given image.

How to export MBOX files 

Open Apple Mail and follow the given procedure –


How to Apple Mail Print email to PDF on Windows 10

For printing Apple Mail emails to PDF Adobe Reader, you have to go with another solution because neither the direct conversion option works nor manual conversion method is available for Apple Mail to PDF because Mac Mail & Adobe Reader both are absolutely different. To print Apple Mail emails to PDF on Windows 10, you have to go with Apple Mail MBOX to PDF Converter that enables to print Apple Mail emails to PDF with attachments. Follow the given working procedure about the process –

  • Firstly export all Apple Mail data in MBOX file format from Mac OS to Windows OS. For that export Apple Mail data in MBOX at any location in Mac OS by the above motioned procedure and shift all MBOX files in Windows 10 OS by external device through pen drive, hard disk, etc.
  • Now Download the Apple Mail to PDF Utility and select MBOX files from the given two options (add files one by one & add folder for batch conversion).
  • Now tick “save attachments as PDF” option to save attachments in PDF file format.
  • Then choose file naming option to save files. And click on Start button.
  • After that chose any location to save converted files.

Then within few minutes, you will achieve all PDF file from Apple Mail MBOX files. It is simple to use and also provides exact outcome for printing emails to PDF from Apple Mail in Windows 10.

For getting complete ensured migration outcome, you can go with it but still you have any doubt and want a complete migration from Apple Mail to PDF on Windows 10 OS then you can also get a trial test which helps to evaluate its working procedure & actual efficiency. Download free Apple Mail to PDF conversion tool that allow printing 25 emails from MBOX files PDF Adobe Reader without any cost. It don’t support any files size & quantity limitation to print MBOX files into PDF. It also saves yours entire data as it is with attachments & images. Therefore, don’t be panic and just try the solution if you are also in requirement to print MBOX files to PDF from Mac Mail.


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